Current events

As the operator of the Satsang Centre in Dortmund, I offer Rasa sessions as well as other events like GAM courses and workshops with other spiritual teachers. Stay updated on this page to ensure you don’t miss any events.

For the dates of the courses and events in the Satsang Center in Dortmund, please visit this webside in German. For some courses online participation is possible.

Registration and Information by phone +49 231 5340100 or email:

If you would like to have a Rasa session or have any questions about Rasa, Oneness or other events, please contact me via the contact form.

“You can only learn that what you seek is already yourself. All learning is only remembering something that has long been there, just waiting to be discovered. All learning is only the clearing away of ballast until something like a luminous inner silence remains. Finally, you realize that you yourself are the source of peace and love.”