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What happens during a Rasa session?

The Rasa giver poses questions about the recipient’s life and personal growth, as well as discussing spiritual issues, during a Rasa session. The receiver is free to ask questions about topics that are especially important to him or her. Unconscious habits that have been blocking the Awakening are revealed in the individual sessions. The entire session lasts anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The recipient is given a Rasa at the end of the session, which normally lasts 15 minutes. The Rasa is performed without physical touch.

At the request of the Rasa giver, the Divine opens the crown chakra of the Rasa recipient. The Divine Light descends through the crown chakra and into the head and the brain of the Rasa receiver. It flows throughout the body to those places where healing and spiritual development are particularly needed.  The Divine Light reprograms the brain during Rasa, allowing Awakening to become stable.

Rasa sessions may take place in the same room with the Rasa giver or over the internet via Skype or Zoom. If the physical distance is great, the latter is ideal. For many people, receiving Rasa at home is more convenient than going to the Rasa giver’s place. The Rasa’s effectiveness is unaffected by the physical distance between them.

The non-dual Awakening is intended for the receiver of the Rasa transmissions. There is no assurance, however, that the Rasa will bring about Enlightenment easily. A few Rasa sessions are normally needed for the higher level of consciousness to stabilize in daily life. After one, two, or four weeks, additional sessions are recommended. Awakening usually happens after six months or a year. After just a few sessions, spiritually mature people can awaken. Awakening by Rasa, on the other hand, necessitates that the receiver is a serious seeker with a serious desire to awaken.

Purification processes may take place after the sessions, which are not always easy for the recipient. Also, after the Awakening, heavy issues may show up that could not have been dealt with before the Awakening. Ramaji says that “Rasa has no undesirable side effects except that life changes for the better.” Mostly it is a longer process where the expansions of consciousness take place.

Bhagavad Gita, (Chapter 18, verse 36):  Krishna says to Arjuna: By sustained effort, one comes to the end of sorrow.

With Rasa, as with everything else, you have to try it yourself. If you describe to a person what strawberries taste like, and the person has never eaten strawberries, he cannot imagine the taste. You have to taste the strawberries first to know what they taste like. It is the same with Rasa. Everyone has their own experience.

Rasa session prices

The fee for a Rasa session is 120 €. Follow-up support by email or telephone is included. If you book three sessions, the price is reduced to 105 € per session, i.e. 315 € in total.

Mini Rasa sessions may be sufficient after three sessions at the earliest. These last about 30 minutes. In this case, the Rasa of 15 minutes takes place after a short conversation. The fee for 3 Mini Rasa sessions is 180 €, for a single Mini Session 70 €.

The energy compensation for a Rasa transmission by photo is 40 €, for three sessions 100 €.

Rasa sessions for couples take a little longer than for individuals. The price is 150 € for one session and 380 € for three sessions.

Individual arrangements can be made in cases of financial hardship.

Rasas for post-1000 persons and groups are also offered.

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The Rasa session is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic advice or treatment. The Rasa giver does not make a diagnosis and does not promise the recipient any specific results. This concerns the development of the recipient’s consciousness, as well as the recovery and healing of psychological, mental and physical problems. The Rasa recipient acts on his or her responsibility and does not hold the giver responsible or liable for any effects or side effects. The effect of each Rasa session depends on the individual situation of the recipient. Therefore, the individual Rasa has different effects for different people. The Rasa recipient agrees to this disclaimer before the session begins.

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