Rasa Testimonials


1. Rasa testimonial

Dear Dinesa,

I would like to share with you how I experience and feel your Post 1000 Rasa:

When you start the Rasa, I first feel vastness and warmth in my crown chakra: Emotionally and intuitively, the perception is best described with the words “finally – coming – home”!!! While this feeling continues to intensify, my perception is automatically directed towards my heart chakra. Here I am often confronted with my emotional wounds and heart issues. This often shows in the session that emotional (and mental!) issues/energies “rise up” and dissolve through awareness and tears. While there were more thoughts in my head before Rasa began, by the end these are replaced by calmness, clarity and balance.

On the one hand, I can honestly report that the feeling of WHOLENESS increases, while on the other hand, I am more authentic: there is anger and this anger shows itself in everyday life! There is joy, love and peace and this joy, love and peace is increasingly shared unadulterated: beyond conceptual understanding and moral code of conduct of what may and may not be in any given situation.

May you continue to touch deeply with your service and love the people who are led to you and hand them over into the “hands of the Christ Spirit”!

All love,

Rasa recipient from Bavaria

2. Rasa testimonial

Dear Dinesa,

I had the joy and honor that you accompanied me with Rasa on my way to LOC 1000. I can only say that you were the best travel companion I could have imagined for this. After all, every journey of consciousness is an inward journey, which is why it is difficult to oversee and direct it from the outside.

However, thanks to your state of perfect non-duality, you met me on the level of Oneness, in which “inside” and “outside”, “I” and “you” merge. Out of this oneness you always knew where I was and what I needed for my progress – how much confirmation, how much challenge.

You have led me past wonderful spiritual sights; taught me to perceive their beauty with all my senses. Likewise, you have lured me into the dark alleys of unconsciousness to marvel at all the shadows of separation-based fear – with the certainty that your light will dissolve this illusion as soon as I choose the truth. And at every step, you have reminded me that the journey is the destination and that change happens by not standing still – no matter how heavenly or hellish the now is at the moment.

You actively listened to me, appreciated me in my being this way in a noticeably authentic and non-judgemental way and gave me high-swinging, light-filled impulses for my growth and my truth – as a human being and as a master. As a result, I knew in every session where I stood and where I was going. It wasn’t always my preferred route, but you designed each stage so that the workload was manageable for me personally, and worked out each route so that the session went in the right direction. Wow! Each talk was much, much more than a preparation for the Rasa Transmission. They were sacred teachings, transmissions of wisdom and other Divine qualities.

In the Rasa Transmissions, I was able to experience the grace of the Divine Mother in her subtle presence. This confirmed to me that you were indeed in perfect purity even during the sessions. If you had not already arrived in the blissful fullness of absolute emptiness, the energy would not have been able to flow through you so freely and clearly. Rather, you stepped back so far that Mahadevi, Shakti, whatever we want to call our loving Creator, not only worked through you but as you. This experience truly deserves the name “Shaktipat”. And if this experience had not been real, I could not claim this now.

We are one! Now I not only know this but live and experience it. Thank you Dinesa, thank you, Devi!

Much love and light,

Rasa recipient from Dortmund

3. Rasa testimonial

Hello Dinesa,

Thank you very much for the Rasa session.

I am feeling that my level of consciousness has changed. What a wonderful grace. .🙏🙏 Spontaneously there is a much greater silence and I feel bliss in my heart. I needed some days to stabilize it but the change is noticeable. I would like to book the next 2 sessions.

Rasa recipient from France