Levels of Consciousness


General information about the levels of consciousness

It is demonstrated in the chapter on Rasa that Rasa can aid spiritual awakening. This occurs because Rasa transmissions raise the recipient’s degree of consciousness. In the following, the term “level of consciousness” is represented with the English acronym LOC = level of consciousness. 

What does the term “level of consciousness” mean? Our consciousness shapes our perceptions. People experience and interpret reality differently because they have different levels of consciousness. People perceive the world in ways that correspond to their current level of consciousness.

The lower our level of consciousness, the more isolated we feel from everything. The higher our level of consciousness, the more free and connected we are to everything we feel. We experience a connection to everything when we are fully awakened. We are one with our essence, core, true nature. This is referred to as enlightenment in many nondual traditions.

The Book LOC 1000


Ramaji’s Book 1000 discusses the various levels of consciousness. The book depicts a numerically based map of spiritual awakening. It is a 1000-level consciousness scale. In the book, level 1000 represents the highest state, i.e. the state of living in nonduality. Ramaji developed the book during his lifetime. LOC (level of consciousness) is a term used by Ramaji to describe the various levels of consciousness. In his book, he provides two overview maps of his LOCs: a full version and an abridged version. I’ve included the complete version below.

In his book 1000, Ramaji writes. “After recording the LOCs of hundreds of spiritual teachers, I noticed that the results were clustered. Teachers from various LOC major areas or wards (600s, 700s, 800s, 900s, and 1000s) shared striking similarities. These similarities included patterns in teaching content, teaching style, and reputation (whether or not there were signs of misconduct).”

The Complete Map of Awakening

from the book “1000” by Ramaji

Journey beyond imagination: the evolution of human consciousness

The River of Life: LOC 30 to LOC 499

  • LOC 30 – 99: The Jungle of Hungry Beats (Toxic Apathy and Shame)
  • LOC 100 – 199: The Island of Lost Souls (Toxic Anger and Pride)
  • LOC 200 – 299: The Land of Selfish Heroes (Boldness and Generosity)
  • LOC 210 = Average human being on our planet
  • LOC 300 – 399: The Domain of Earnest Enthusiasts (Vulnerability and Allowing)
  • LOC 400 – 499: The Kingdom of Brilliant Thinkers (Intellect and Analysis)

From spiritual Emergence to the Supreme Self: LOC 500 to LOC 1000

  • LOC 500 – 559: The Bonfire of Sacrifice (Spirituality Emerges)
  • LOC 560 – 569: Stepping into the Blaze (Spiritual Seeking Begins)
  • LOC 570 – 579: The Mystic in the Fire (Spiritual Seeking Intensifies)
  • LOC 580 – 589: A Sage is Waiting (Effortless Thought Free Meditation)
  • LOC 590 – 599: No Man’s Land
  • First spiritual shock (Ego Death)
  • LOC 600 – 699: The Far Frontier (Pure Feeling of Being / No Self)
  • Zweiter spiritueller Schock (Kosmische Expansion)
  • LOC 700 – 799: The Cosmic Vision (Feeling of Being the Universe / Cosmic Self)
  • Third Spiritual Shock (Ascent into Darkness / Great Void Passage)
  • LOC 800 – 899: The Unthinkable Surrender (Not Knowing / Divine Union)
  • Transfiguration (Amrita Nadi and the Consummation of the Crown Chakra / Radical Illumination)
  • LOC 900:The Hesitant Hermit (Stabilization in No Mind / Natural State)
  • Final Stage of Self-Investigation (Starving the “I” Though to Death)
  • LOC 1000: Lost in the Absolute (Universal “I” Consciousness /Supreme Self)

According to Ramaji, the lowest level of consciousness found in humans is the LOC 30 level. This level is very similar to the animal level: a dog kills another dog, and a dog eats another dog. Animals, on the other hand, can be on a higher level. The average domestic dog has a level of 90. LOC 110 is the average level for domestic cats. Approximately 99 percent of humans on the planet today are below LOC 500. LOC 245 is the average LOC of humans living on Earth today (as of June 2019). It was LOC 210 in 2014. The earth has a LOC of 550 already. If the earth’s LOC continues to rise and reaches LOC 600, it will be difficult for people with very low LOCs. Ramaji does not go into detail about the levels from LOC 30 to LOC 499 because  spiritual seeking starts only from level 500.

The Ascension

LOC 500 – 599

In general, ascension begins at LOC 500. The movement from LOC 500 to LOC 560 is spiritually significant, but serious engagement with non-dual groups, teachers, and teachings is unlikely until the student enters the 560 realm. In practice, the effective realm where enlightenment is a strong possibility starts at LOC 560 and extends up to LOC 585, rarely reaching LOC 589.

The ascent in LOC is based on a straightforward premise. As the person’s mental activities decrease, he or she rises higher and higher in the LOC. According to Ramaji’s scale, one is at the highest level, LOC 1000, when perception is no longer clouded by distortions.

Each higher LOC range (for example, LOC 600 – 699, 700 – 799, 800 – 899) is   characterized by a unique spiritual insight and a unique spiritual perception of the world. In other words, people who have stabilized in a specific LOC range exhibit a unique spiritual insight and worldview that is the domain of that LOC range. Furthermore, a person in a lower LOC realm does not internalize spiritual insight or understanding of a higher LOC realm’s worldview. Levels of consciousness are effectively synonymous with levels of perception.

Of course, in the spiritual quest, someone may have awakening experiences from a higher LOC realm. These encounters, however, are not permanent. They can last for a few minutes, hours, or even weeks. These experiences come and go. They encourage the seeker to keep going.

LOC 560 – 599

LOCs 560 to 585 are a systematic preparation for non-duality. There is the possibility of life-changing progression between LOC 560 and LOC 569. The static student of the 560 LOCs, on the other hand, is content with secure, measurable gains that do not yet call into question the hidden reason for his or her life. Starting with the 560s LOC, there is a gradual and orderly progression up to the 570s and then the 580s LOCs.

The student in the 580 LOC is ready to take the leap into non-duality. Individuals who are ready for enlightenment and a journey into the non-dual realms, LOC 600 and above, are usually found between 581 and 589. This person can easily and effortlessly rest in a thought-free state. A strong desire to realize one’s true self is more common. This encourages the development of a growing capacity for non-dual perception. The quest has entered the 570s, which means it is no longer a theoretical matter. Infinity’s magnetic pull begins.

LOC 600 – 699

Since the individual person is nothing but a bundle of data consisting of thoughts, sensations, beliefs, perceptions, emotions, etc., and these are constantly coming and going, there is no stable data about the self. Furthermore, if the seeker is able to observe his thoughts, it implies that he is not his thoughts. If he can observe his emotions, it means that he is not his emotions.

People whose consciousness is in the LOC 600-699 range are already awakened, albeit at a lower level. They have become aware of the emptiness of their ego or individual self. The seeker in the LOC 600 – 699 range does not experience oneness. He is aware of the “emptiness” of his individual self. Other people, the world, and so on continue to appear as separate from his own self.

The seeker in the LOC 600 range realizes that he is not the perpetrator of any activity. All of his thoughts, feelings, and so on occur spontaneously. Ramaji refers to the seeker’s current state as “non-action.” Due to detachment from thoughts and negation of the personal self, the seeker does not feel that he is the agent of his own actions. Just like his thoughts, his actions happen spontaneously. If he comes from a religious background, he might believe that God acts through him. In any case, at this stage, the seeker gives up his sense of acting himself, even if he is unaware of it.

When a seeker negates his ego and recognizes that he has no ego-self, in reality he is not without an ego-self because the others and the world remain. Only when the seeker feels one with All can the ego-self be destroyed. People whose consciousness crystallized between LOC 600 and 699 typically have no experience with Cosmic Consciousness manifesting in the range of LOC 700 and 799.

LOC 700-799

On the LOC 700 scale of consciousness, the Awakened One feels “one” with everything, with the entire universe. Everything that is part of his experience seems to  happen within him, just as a television program appears within a television set. His self-awareness has grown.  He no longer feels confined by his physical body. Cosmic Consciousness is possessed by people at this level of consciousness. They feel as if they are One with Everything. Some experience a pure Presence that pervades everything. Many people feel limitless.

Nonetheless, this realization is incomplete.  At this point, the subject-object duality is still present. When the seeker feels one with everything, it indicates that there is a subject, the seeker, who feels one with the other objects. The ego-self is still alive at this point because the duality of subject and object is a function of his ego-self. There’s God and then there’s everyone else.

LOC 800 – 899

The seeker experiences a nondual deep devotion to the Supreme Being at the LOC 800 level of consciousness. He adores God.  He surrenders his personal will to God.  For him: “thy will be done”.

People at this stage have realized that attempting to liberate their ego or achieve enlightenment without the Divine’s grace is nearly impossible. As a result, they decide to surrender to the higher power.

At this point, the seeker recognizes and welcomes the assistance of a higher power in his life. The seeker will be able to quickly overcome this stage with the assistance of a higher power. But this realization is partially incomplete. Surrender to God or a higher power is, in general, a good way. However, there is still an obstacle on the path of enlightenment. There is still a fine line between the devotee and the object of his devotion.

Some people become stuck at this level because the ecstasy of this transcendental love feels very life-affirming, even better than any “Oneness” experience felt during the 700 LOC levels. People with religious backgrounds or devotees of great Masters who consider devotion to the Divine or to the Master to be the ultimate goal can stay at this level permanently. “Devotees of God want to eat sugar but not become sugar,” said Ramakrishna. People at this level of consciousness, like those at other LOC levels, can experience the “dark night of the soul.”

LOC 900 – 999

The seeker has almost complete non-dual understanding at the 900 level of consciousness. However, the seeker is still veiled by a kind of subtle duality. This veil usually manifests as a refusal to accept the world as it is. Some simply try to avoid “worldly things.” The world still exists around the seeker, either because he does not want to fully engage in the world or because he clings to his deep inner peace.

The seeker possesses many of the characteristics of a fully realized being. However, he is hampered by fear in dealing with this complex world. He is like a solitary monk who has attained enlightenment but sees no value in this world. There is still a subliminal desire to see the world through the lens of the seeker’s own belief system. This subtle psychic filter stands between the seeker and complete enlightenment.

LOC 1000

consciousness . The Absolute exists beyond duality, non-duality, oneness, spirituality, and materialism. The concept of “Oneness” does not exist at this point because it implies a union of subject and object.

The seeker has finally realized his true Self, that is, the Absolute, pure I-consciousness or Sat Chit Ananda, at LOC 1000. This marks the end of seeking and the start of pure Being. Tat Twam Asi, you are that (Mahavakhyas).

The Awakened one fully immerses his individual consciousness or I-consciousness in Pure Being at LOC 1000. Seeking has been fulfilled in the Absolute, pure consciousness, and has come to an end. He realizes at this point that he is nothing but Self or Consciousness. Everything is an emanation of Pure Consciousness.  At this point, all forms of separation are abandoned.

The awakened person, on the other hand, does not retreat from the world. The Absolute, the Supreme Self, the flesh and blood of God, pure perfection beyond mind, is the world.